Kia Marie

Thrifted Tings

Kia Marie
Thrifted Tings

My love for thrifting started back in college - I was young, creative, & super experimental with my style. The thrift store opened me up to a world no retail store could ever do at the moment. It gave me a glimpse of the past and the future (trends always come and go). It also offered unique one of a kind pieces on a college budget. As my style continues to evolve my love for thrifting remains unchanged.

I know some of you want to get into thrifting but just don't know where to start. I remember vividly the feeling and anticipation of being a novice thrifter. Will I find anything good? So this one is for you! I created a Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt to introduce you to the wonderful world of thrifting. I remember being overwhelmed the first few times I went shopping so hopefully this scavenger hunt makes the experience a little more streamlined. One of the points I always stress is the importance of lists when shopping but especially when thrifting, its easy to get sidetracked and overwhelmed. A shopping list gives you a focus which prevents overspending or impulse purchases. This particular one is just in time for summer and depending on the response I'll do a new one each season. Let me know your thoughts!

thrift storescavenger hunt-1.jpg

I chose to include these items because they are summer appropiate and super easy to find at a thrift store.

thrift storescavenger hunt-2.jpg

I included a blank sheet so you guys can fill in your own items you want to find (Law of attraction baby!) Even if you're not a novice, you can still get your life to this scavenger hunt. Download your own copies below.

PDF - Sheet 1 & 2

JPEG - Sheet 1

JPEG - Sheet 2

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