That 70's Show

No matter how often my style evolves I still make my way back to the one style era that's true to my heart - the 70s! It was an era of revolution and liberation. Whether you identify with the hippie movement or a more radical group like the Black Panthers, there's no denying the impact the 60's/70's had on our culture. There's a certain liberation that was birthed during this era that cannot be matched both politically and fashion wise. You saw black people specifically embracing their natural textured hair (the bigger the Afro the better), you saw men breaking down societal norms as far as how men should dress. The most flamboyant patterns, crop tops, and platform shoes, just to name a few. You also saw women denouncing traditional gender roles, branching out on their own, becoming more independent, and sexually liberated. It was a time of overindulgence and radicalism. If you weren't behind a cause ending in an "ism" what were you really doing with your life? An era of standing for something and falling for nothing. I often wish I grew up during this time but then I realize it's not as glamorous as I imagined it would be. During this era drugs were introduced into the black community (specifically heroin followed by crack cocaine in the 80's). Anti-war protests were also heavy during this time. The Vietnam War tore families apart and left our veterans displaced and forgotten, which is evident through our vast homeless population. And of course you cannot forget about the escalation of police brutality throughout the country. So even though we saw progress we were still miles away from true freedom, sorta like 2017 just without the vinyls. 


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