Kia Mariecaress

Silky-Smooth Skin with Caress Body Wash

Kia Mariecaress
Silky-Smooth Skin with Caress Body Wash
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Fall is finally here which means it's time to switch up our skincare routine. Cold weather not only dries your hair out but your skin as well. Finding the perfect skincare routine appropriate for the colder months should involve lots of moisture which keeps your skin feeling smooth and looking healthy. The focus for the next couple of months should be on constantly replenishing your skin (and hair!) with moisture, moisture, and more moisture! 

For this blog post I teamed up with Caress to highlight their core collection of body washes. Each body wash is packed with a rich lather that delivers long-lasting sophisticated fragrances leaving your skin silky smooth and smelling great for hours.



Caress Pure Embrace Body Wash


Caress Pure Embrace Body Wash features a skin silkening formula, leaving your skin feeling super soft and smooth. This scent is a perfect blend of white floral and almond oil which features top notes that include blood orange, grapefruit, apple, yuzu, and kumquat. Heart notes of mango, nectarine, redcurrant, peony, lily, and jasmine. And lastly, base notes consisting of cedarwood, white musk, and vanilla.

When I first used this body wash I was surprised at how concentrated it is; a little definitely goes a long way. What I really appreciate about these body washes are the "grown-up" fragrances. Far too often do we run into body washes and soaps that just leave you smelling like you just left the candy store. Blending florals and fruits with hints of woody notes is the perfect formula for the mature feminine consumer.


Caress Daily Silk Silkening Body Wash


Caress Daily Silk Silkening Body wash is formulated with "triple-silkening" moisturizers. It's no wonder this body wash is the brand's #1 fragrance. The classic scent infuses the fragrance of white peach and silk blossom. This duo is accompanied by top notes of green, pineapple, geranium, and muguet. Heart notes of rose, aldehydes, and iris. And base notes of musk powder and sandalwood.

I definitely understand why this is the brand's #1 body wash. My skin was super moisturized after using it to the extent that if I was in a rush I could get away with not applying any lotion, ICONIC! Once again, the fragrance is sophisticated, feminine and lingers for hours after use. Highly recommend. 


Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash


Caress Evenly Gorgeous gently exfoliates and leaves even the driest, dullest skin looking even-toned and smooth. Brown sugar, which has great exfoliating properties also leaves your skin moisturized and feeling good. The fragrance includes top notes of apple, berry, and muguet. Heart notes of rose, freesia, jasmine, and gardenia. Lastly, bottom notes of tonka bean, vanilla, and balsam. 

I was most excited about trying this body wash, I love anything that exfoliates my skin in a gentle way. Due to the air being so dry outside during the colder months which causes your skin to be extra dry as well some extra TLC is needed. Daily exfoliation is important because it not only removes dead skin but also allows moisture to better penetrate your skin rather than just sitting on top. My ideal exfoliating routine involves weekly DIY scrubs, exfoliating gloves and loofahs, a pumice stone (yay for smooth feet even in the winter), and a exfoliating body wash. This routine eliminates dead skin keeping my skin feeling and looking smooth. If you guys are interested in trying out Caress Body Washes they are available for purchase at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide and cost $3.49 for a 12 oz bottle. 



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